Use of Force – Violence of Action

Spartan Cops has a good guest post on the use of force on their site.  The author, Alan John makes some very good points, and the article is worth reading.

The more you understand the use of force, the better you are able to apply it.  The media highlights “excessive” use of force (even when it is not), but often what gets cops hurt or killed is the application of too little force.  Using peperspray or Taser in a deadly force situation, for example.

When you study the court decisions on the use of force, and understand your department’s policy on force, you are much more likely to apply the correct amount of force in a timely manner.  Hesitation puts you behind the curve and can lead to getting dead.  That is not acceptable.

Take your job seriously…and stay safe!

Richard is a police officer with a medium sized, central Florida department, and previously worked for a Metro-Atlanta agency.  He has served as a field training officer, court officer, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, watch commander, commander of a field training and evaluation program, and general pain in the butt to management-types looking to cut training hours.

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