Officer Involved Shooting Turns Into a Near Riot

Two San Francisco police officers were investigating a man for not paying a fare when he took off running.  The officers gave chase, and the suspect shot at the officers.  The officers returned fire, striking the suspect.

While the incident is hardly routine, what happened next was definitely out of the norm.

As you can see in the video, it appears the whole neighborhood poured out onto the street, preventing the officers from safely handling the armed suspect.  With the people crowding the officers, several of the officers had to turn their backs to the still uncontrolled subject to deal with them.

The neighbors, so filled with hate for the police, actually hindered the officers’ ability to secure the suspect and render aid to him.  Had the officers been able to quickly secure the subject and then render aid, he may not have died.

The suspect that the neighborhood was pouring out to “support” was on parole and was a suspect in the murder of a pregnant woman. According to Police Chief Greg Suhr, a man wearing a striped shirt took the suspect’s gun from the scene (it had fallen about 15 feet away from the suspect). The gun was later recovered by officers.

I’m glad to hear that all of our San Francisco brothers and sisters are well.  I also hope reason and common sense breaks out in that neighborhood.

Does your department have a plan for addressing a double incident like this?

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