Announcing the Blue Crew

Blue Crew - Police TrainingSix months in the making, BlueSheepdog happily announces the launch of the Blue Crew: a companion membership site to

The Blue Crew is a new concept in police training and officer safety on the web.  Driven by member support, the Blue Crew site strives to provide excellent resources for its members and negotiates significant discounts with law enforcement trainers and gear providers.

The Blue Crew is a companion site to, offering additional benefits and unique content not available elsewhere.

Going forward, the website will remain as it always has: a free resource of police training, equipment reviews and law enforcement news.  We will still publish regular articles, send out newsletter and produce podcasts.  To really jump to the next level requires funding, and that is where the Blue Crew comes in.

The Blue Crew is a membership site, meaning paid subscriptions are required to access the content.  With your membership, you give us the ability to provide in-depth training videos, officer safety information and reporting from trade shows and training conferences that we otherwise could not afford to do.

Currently, we have video content scheduled for production on topics that include firearms training, defensive tactics, homicide investigations, concealed carry, off-duty survival and more. An in-depth series on getting hired by a law enforcement agency is in the planning stages as well.

Blue Crew membership doesn’t just get you a promise of future content.  You get immediate benefits as soon as you join.

Blue Crew Benefits

e-Books, Special Reports and Other Documents – We’ve put together a number of commercial e-books and other documents for you to download for free.

Videos – An archive of BlueSheepdog videos and an archive of “incident” videos from in-car cameras available for download and use in your training classes, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Podcast Archive – Download the complete collection of podcasts .mp3 and .m4a formats – either singly or in bulk compressed .zip files.

Training Newsletter Archive – The BlueSheepdog training newsletters are archived here for easy download and reference.  These newsletters are not available for download anywhere else and contain unique articles not found elsewhere on the website.

Training Class Bulletin Board – Blue Crew members are able to post their training classes on a special section of the website.  If you are teaching or hosting a class, you can post the course information here, in front of other members who are frequently seeking out high quality training.

Discounted Training and Gear – Several major training providers and gear companies have thrown their weight behind the Blue Crew.  Recognizing how important the Blue Crew project is, these companies have stepped up and are offering substantial discounts on their products and services.

Our supporters include:

We are currently in talks with even more companies that will provide Blue Crew members with discounts.  As we bring on new sponsors, we will immediately let you know so you can take advantage of all the discounts.  For more information on our business model, read more about our sponsorships here.

We believe the benefits outweigh the cost of membership.   We hope you will agree and choose to join the Blue Crew today!

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