Spyderco OpFocus Catalog for Those Duty-Bound

Spyderco, Inc. has come out with a special on-line Flip Book and PDF catalog designed specifically “for the duty-bound armed professional, first responder, martial artist, or defense-minded civilian.”  It is called OpFocus.

Spyderco OpFocus

OpFocus developed by Spyderco Special Projects Coordinator Michael Janich.  I caught up with him at SHOT Show and he was very proud to have written the catalog.  He said it reflected the high quality and responsiveness of the brand.

From its text, “This “Operational Focus” is designed to highlight the mission-oriented tactical applications of our products and enable you to quickly and easily compare them to choose the knives that best meet your needs. The products featured in OpFocus were specifically chosen because of their relevance to this defined focus.”

OpFocus is available at the above link in an on-line Flip Book format, as a downloadable PDF document, or, if you can get one, as a very slick printed catalog.  I picked up the printed version at the SHOT Show and it is nicely done.

OpFocus Catalog

Spyderco also offers an OpFocus Professional Purchase Program, formerly known as “Save and Serve,” in which qualified active duty military, reserves, federal and local law enforcement, and fire or rescue personnel can purchase Spyderco products direct for a substantial savings.

OpFocus is a handy guide and can help steer you toward the purchase of a Spyderco product you might desire for work.

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Randall is a 27 year veteran police sergeant in Florida with experience in SWAT, K9, FTO, and Detective Assignments.