Remington R12 VersaMax Shotgun

Coming to a squad car near you: the Remington R12 VersaMax shotgun.

The R12 is a law enforcement version of the popular VersaMax semi-auto shotgun made by Remington.  The R12 is currently configured in two different models:  the 18″ R12 and the 14″ R12-E.

Remington R12E Shotgun

The standard R12 has an 18″ barrel and extended magazine (6+1 rounds).  The fore end features a shorty tri-rail, which allows the easy addition of a white light.  The sights can be had as ghost-ring or rifle styles.  Standard or pistol grip stocks are available.

The R12-E is a compact entry gun with many of the same options the full-size R12 has.  The magazine is smaller, allowing only 4+1 rounds.

The new R12 shotgun uses a self-adjusting, short-stroke, dual piston gas operating system that allows the reliable use of all 12 gauge loads from light 2 3/4″ target loads to heavy 3 1/2″ magnums.

Remington R12 Shotgun

The VersaMax system is a semi-auto shotgun platform introduced by Remington at the 2011 SHOT Show.  Semi-auto shotguns can be very finicky on what ammunition will reliably work in them.  If your gun is set up for heavy loads, lighter loads may not cycle, and vice versa.  The VersaMax was designed to shoot “Any Load, Any Where, Every Time.”

Some of you might doubt Remington’s claims, so they assembled a few videos showing the gun digesting all types of loads with no adjustment to the system.  Here is one of them:

I am looking forward to seeing the Remington R12 on the street. It has a lot of potential for street cops.

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