Quick Word About Site Changes

As regular readers have noticed, there have been a few changes on the site.

In an effort to help people find some of the more in-depth training articles and gear reviews, I am pulling out some of the old posts and putting them into pages all on their own.  If you check out the “training articles” and “gear reviews” tabs in the navigation bar, you will see some of the material I have already pulled out.  More will be added here as I have the time to move it.

Also, the blog has been moved to “blog” tab.  All of the old articles are still there, I merely moved where the front page of the blog is located.  RSS feeds should still be working normally.

Also, I added a jobs board tab.  This is a free service if you are looking for employment in law enforcement.  Actually, you can enter any job title you like and get results, but I have it default to “police officer” since that is what BlueSheepdog is all about.  Feel free to use that resource.

I’m sure this isn’t the last change or update the site will ever see.  I am hoping that things will be easier for readers to find.

Stay safe!

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