MET: Marijuana Eradication Team

The NRA’s Life of Duty filmed a marijuana eradication team, or MET, operating on the public lands in California.  This group of officers works in the Silicon Valley region, going head-to-head with the cartels.  Their mission is to find sites, shut them down and assist with the environmental clean-up.

Major drug cartels from Mexico operate inside the United States.  The porous border allows them to enter at will, bringing drugs, weapons and enforcers with them.  Border states like Arizona have seen astronomic rises in violent crimes, like kidnapping, that are directly related to cartel activity.

In many areas, drug cartels have set up major drug manufacturing operations here in the US.  Meth “super labs” have become common in the mid-west, and marijuana grow ops can be found across the country.

Many, if not most, of the major cartel marijuana cultivation is being done on public lands.  These are the same lands that citizens use for hunting, hiking and camping.  What do you think happens to that family from the suburbs who accidentally hikes into the middle of a cartel’s grow op?  I don’t think I need to post photos of the decapitated heads from the border to illustrate that point.

But, in addition to the obvious criminal activity surrounding these sites, something that is often overlooked is the environmental damage they cause.  Believe it or not, clandestine marijuana cultivation uses a lot of dangerous poisons, pesticides and chemicals which kill wildlife and leach into the ground water.  Additionally, the trash and debris left by the cartels, like lead-acid car batteries, present yet another hazard to the environment.

In addition to the direct enforcement of drug laws, the METs also assist with site cleanup.

Take a few minutes to watch the video.  These guys are doing good work, and the NRA did an excellent job reporting on their efforts.

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