Gloves, Knife Mailed to Readers

A quick update on some of the BlueSheepdog goings-on.

First, the Ares cut resistant gloves that were offered by PPSS as giveaway items for our readers have been shipped out.  Congrats to Trey S. in Kansas and Russell S. of Texas on winning those gloves.  I hope you guys get good use out of them.

Second, BlueCrew member Robert B. of California is the recipient of a new Kershaw folding knife as a token of appreciation from us.  We don’t have contests in the BlueCrew, but we do like to randomly send out appreciation gifts to our members.  Many of our members have gotten patches and other items in the past.  Going forward, we will continue to hand out gear and other items as a way of saying “thank you” for your support.

Speaking of the BlueCrew, we are in the process now of uploading a bunch of new training articles into the membership-only section now.  Current members can see them added in the “Books & Articles” section.  Due to some technical issues, the process for adding these articles is a little slow, but I hope to have a few new articles each week.  I’ve already uploaded several including information on the Arizona v. Gant decision, handcuffing training tips, range training (and why its a bad idea) and dealing with EDPs.

As always, comments & suggestions are welcome.

Stay safe!

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