Firearms Training – Have You Hit the Range Lately?

Law Enforcement Firearms Training

When is the last time you carried yourself out to the range for some firearms training?

For many of us, it probably has been a while.  Things like family obligations, the cost of the range time and even just finding some ammunition to shoot might all be holding you back.  I’ve been there myself, and I know know how each one can help prevent you from getting some training time with your guns.  But, they are all just excuses for not investing more time into your own survival.

Spending time with my family is extremely important to me, but getting killed because I am inefficient with my pistol or shotgun will prevent me from spending any time ever again with my kids and wife.

The cost of range time is not insignificant on a cop’s salary.  How high is the cost of a few hours a month when compared to your wife trying to pay all the bills on her salary alone if you are killed by some dirtbag tonight?

Yeah, finding ammo is tough.  I bet, however, that you can still find a few boxes at the department that the rangemaster can part with for your practice.  If not, head down to Walmart and make friends with the guys working in the sporting goods department.  Ask them to set a couple of boxes to the side for you when the truck comes in.  Whenever supply catches up to demand, and ammo supplies return to normal, start putting an extra box on your shelf every time you go shooting.  Then the next time we deal with a shortage, you will have a couple dozen boxes to get you through the drought.

Don’t forget about dry fire training either.  Not having ammo to shoot is not a valid excuse for not training.  Work on your trigger control skills, reloads and presentation drills (drawing) using an unloaded gun and dummy rounds.

The violent criminal predators are out there right now preparing for a future confrontation with you.  They are listening to violent rhetoric from music and their friends which is mentally preparing them to kill you.  They are working out, and they sure as hell aren’t taking junior to the park to learn how to fly a kite.  They are engaging in violence: fights with rivals, drive bys and robberies.

Yes – spending time “away from the job” is important.  Don’t be fooled, however.  Police work is a career not unlike the military.  If you are not fighting, you should be preparing to fight.

Also, I strongly suggest investing in professional training away from the department, like the Combat Focus Shooting techniques taught by Paul Carlson at the Safety Solutions Academy.  Yes, Paul’s company is a Blue Crew sponsor, but more importantly he is an excellent, no bullshit instructor.

Get to the range and get some firearms training!

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