Magpul M-LOK Tripod Adapter


Magpul Industries has announced the delivery of the Modular-LOK (M-LOK) Tripod Adapter. The M-LOK is an incredible tool that can quickly transition a standard AR-15 patrol rifle into a stable platform for more precise shots, or a precision AR rifle into an even more stable system.

One of the biggest problems with long-term deployments is fatigue. With fatigue the shooter’s firing platform begins to break down bringing on inaccurate fire. With the Magpul M-LOK Tripod Adapter officers or Tactical Team operators can quickly secure their AR rifle on a supported tripod. The M-LOK can swivel on the tripod allowing both horizontal and vertical aiming adjustments.

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Magpul Releases iPhone 6 Bump Case


Magpul has made its name in producing some of the finest AR-15 magazines and accessories on the market. From a humble beginning with the original Magpul, to the industry powerhouse it is today, Magpul is a company that has always focused on  its mission, while tailoring their products towards their strengths. The end result are masterful products to fulfill those goals, and make the shooter’s life easier and more functional.

On July 1st Magpul announced the release of their iPhone 6 Bump Case. For those not familiar with the Magpul bump cases, they are a hard polymer casing, tailor-fitted to particular cell phones, providing protection to the often fragile construction of cell phones from the drops and bumps of everyday use. I was able to pick up a Magpul Bump Case for the iPhone 4, and my wife snatched it up. She found the protection was more than enough for her own drops, and the careless handling of four rambunctious boys.

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Safariland GLS Pro-Fit Holster Review

The Safariland Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster with the Author's Glock 23.

The Safariland Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster with the Author’s Glock 23.

At the 2015 SHOT Show Safariland introduced the GLS Pro-Fit Holster. This holster is designed by famed Safariland holster designer, Bill Rodgers, and is an amazing advancement in polymer nylon holster designs. The GLS Pro-Fit holster will likely set the standard by which all polymer holsters will be gauged in the future. Richard and I had the opportunity to attend an invitation-only media event sponsored by Safariland to get introduced to the 578 GLS Pro-Fit holster by designer Bill Rogers.

The most incredible feature of the GLS Pro-Fit holster is the ability of the user to manually adjust the holster to fit dozens of different handguns. Until now, most polymer holsters were specifically tailored to the design specifications of a particular handgun. At best, a holster could fit handguns in the same line, such as the Glock 22/23/27. With the GLS Pro-Fit holster those options open up dramatically.

In a project that has been over a year in the making, Safariland has developed a single holster that can be sized to fit up to 177 different handguns. In essence, the Safariland GLS holster is as close to a universal holster that is available on the market today.

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Oakley SI Flak 2.0 XL Eye Protection


Oakley is one of the best known producers of high quality eye protection in the world, and they have recently announced an upgrade to their SI Flak glasses. The SI (Standard Issue) Flak 2.0 XL glasses. The new offering has an expanded lens covering with a more squared appearance than the previous version.

Oakley SI Flak 2.0 XL glasses have foldable arms, and the lenses are unsupported at the bottom allowing a clearer field of view than full framed lenses. These new eye pro have a sleek appearance, that still provides a great deal of protection to the user’s eyes. These look to be a great contender for patrol and specialized unit operations.

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Troy Industries BattleMags

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 1.44.08 PMThe Troy BattleMag® is not a new product, but one that is still worthy to review. Troy Industries is recognized throughout the firearm industry for producing very high quality rifles and accessories. Their attention to detail has garnered a large following, and an excellent reputation. I personally own several Troy BattleMags and have found them to be great quality and durable magazines.

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New Accu-Grip AR-15 Pistol Grip

The newly designed, personally adjustable Accu-Grip mounted on an AR-15.

The newly designed, and personally adjustable, Accu-Grip mounted on an AR-15.

Like a handgun, one of the most important parts of the AR-15 for maintaining accuracy is the pistol grip. Obtaining proper alignment to the rifle, proper sight alignment, proper trigger pull and reset, and comfortable shooting and stability for follow-up shots can be narrowed down to just a few areas, and the pistol grip is definitely a critical component.

This month, Accu-Grip of Las Vegas announced their competitively priced, patented and patent pending, pistol grip improvement to the AR-15.

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ESS Crossbow Eye Protection

The ESS Crossbow Eye Pro with Smoked Gray lenses

The ESS Crossbow Eye Pro with Smoked Gray lenses

Eye Safety Systems, Inc. (ESS) was developed in 1998 with the intent of providing high quality eye protection for military, and law enforcement users. ESS has greatly expanded since then, and is currently the only approved eye pro provider for the U.S. Marine Corps, and also provides products for other U.S. DoD contracts and governments in over 100 countries. Something I just learned is that ESS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of wildly popular Oakley, Inc.

The ESS Crossbow ballistic eye protection are some of the highest quality and best value eye pro available on the market today. In addition to meeting strict military and civilian ballistic protection standards, the ESS Crossbow are available at a price that is incredibly affordable for any officer or shooter that is serious about eye protection.

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VooDoo Tactical Enhanced 42″ Double Rifle Bag – A BSD Review

The VooDoo 42" double rifle case is packed with storage space.

The VooDoo Tactical 42″ double rifle bag is packed with storage space.

Recently the BlueSheepDog Crew received a VooDoo Tactical Enhanced 42″ double rifle bag to test and evaluate from TopSpecUS, an authorized VooDoo Tactical Dealer. As a sniper, and patrol supervisor, I’m always interested in a carrying case that can better serve my complex needs. I’ve seen a lot of rifle bags in my 18 years of law enforcement, and most have simply been a duffel bag with zippers and clumsy pockets. The VooDoo bag is not one of them.

My patrol vehicle is an SUV outfitted to be a mobile command post. If a critical incident develops during my shift, I’m expected to respond and establish initial command. However, if that event is an active, mobile armed threat (like an active shooter), than the admin duties are put aside, and I’m responding in with other officers to coordinate moving to engage and neutralize the threat. 

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Walker’s Alpha Ear Muffs SSL

Last year I was looking to upgrade a standard pair of passive hearing protection muffs, to an electronic design that would protect against the sharp crack of gunfire while magnifying sound to allow normal conversations. My hope was to avoid spending over $100, but still get a decent set of ear protection. I happened to be at a large box store when I came across a pair of Walker’s Alpha Muffs SSL.

Walker's Alpha SSL ear muffs.

Walker’s Alpha SSL ear muffs with a grey carbon fiber finish.

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MagStorage AR-15 Mag Holder

The MagStorage AR-15 Mag Holder with (6) loaded Pmags stored.

The MagStorage AR-15 Mag Holder housing (6) Magpul Pmags.

Off of the beaten path of the SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range was a small booth exhibiting a handy series of unique AR-15 magazine holders. MagStorage Solutions is a relatively new company, but I was really intrigued by their product for organizing and storing AR-15 magazines. The MagStorage MagHolder presents a lot of possibilities for Armories, Bearcats, Gun cabinets or lockers, or Gun safes.

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