Domestic Terrorism: The Threat Is Real

Terrorism TrainingOsama took two to the head, so terrorism here in the US is a thing of the past, right?  I doubt you believe that any more than I do.  The fact is the threats are still very real.

NY Terror Plot

NYPD just arrested a pair of men on terrorism charges that you’ve likely never heard about if you live outside of the Big Apple.

Arrested on May 11, the two men plotted to detonate bombs in a Jewish synagogue as part of a “jihad” in retaliation for how Muslim people are treated around the world.  The men also planned to bomb the Empire State building as part of their jihad.

Both men were from the north Africa region: one from Algiers, the other from Morocco.

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Mumbai-Style Attacks: Are We Vulnerable?

Ten terrorists spread out through the city of Mumbai in the early evening hours of November 26, 2008.  It would be three days before all of the terrorists were dead or captured.  In their wake, they left at least 165 people dead and hundreds, if not thousands, more injured.  What happened?  Can it happen here?

In the 2008 Mumbai attack, five two-man teams hit targets that were likely to generate high numbers of casualties. The targets included a train station, a hospital, a restaurant, two hotels and a Jewish center.  All of the targets were ‘high-visibility’ locations, with the exception of the Jewish center.  The Jewish center was a very low-profile location, and the selection of it as a target clearly indicates the anti-Jewish sentiments of the terrorists.

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More Left Wing Terrorism

Left wing terrorist group Earth Liberation Front (ELF) is claiming responsibility for the destruction of two radio towers in the Seattle, WA area.  The towers were torn down with stolen construction equipment.  The two towers were owned by local radio station KRKO.

Although the politically motivated Southern Poverty Law Center is crying wolf about right wing militias, left wing terrorists like ELF and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) continue with their destructive campaign against Americans.

The Seattle ELF group has claimed responsibility for a string of arsons over the past few years, including one that destroyed a horticulture building on the campus of the University of Washington in 2001.

Of course Daniel Andreas San Diego, an ALF terrorist, is still on the FBI’s most wanted list for detonating multiple pipe bombs in 2003.  And, yes, he is still the only domestic terrorist on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list.

Curiously, these stories don’t seem to make it to the front pages of the local papers or even on CNN’s website.

I’m more than a little sick of people and their agendas.  A terrorist is a terrorist: I don’t care about their politics or philosophy.  I don’t care if you blow up a bomb because you want to free rabbits and monkeys, or because some cleric told you to kill the infidel.  You are equally contemptible.  The wrath of justice will find you.

Be Wary of SPLC’s Claims About the Militia Movement

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an organization that, among other things, monitors hate groups in the USA.  For years, the SPLC has provided training and material support to law enforcement agencies that investigate crimes related to bigotry.  In fact, I pass one of their posters that shows hate group tattoos every day when I walk into the muster room for roll call.

However, I have recently concluded that the SPLC is as much a political special interest group as it is an educational resource for anyone studying or investigating bias-based crimes.  Don’t believe me?  Read their latest hack job on the “resurgance” of militia groups in the United States. [Read more…]

Islamic Terrorists Training in the US: Video Shows Muslim Extremists Training in the United States

I have talked before about the dangers of terrorism, and some of the challenges that face law enforcement in responding to these issues.  I’ve had a few people write me claiming I am “blowing things out of proportion.”

Here is a video showing Islamic terrorists training in camps here in the United States.  Up to 35 such camps exist here in the USA according to the video.

Folks, the danger is real and we need to be prepared to deal with this threat.

Richard is a police officer with a medium sized, central Florida department, and previously worked for a Metro-Atlanta agency.  He has served as a field training officer, court officer, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, watch commander, commander of a field training and evaluation program, and general pain in the butt to management-types looking to cut training hours.