Officer Stabbed, Suspect Shot: Chase Video

In October, Lafayette, Indiana police officers engaged in a vehicle pursuit of a subject who was reported to have just committed a battery, burglary and arson.  After a chase of approximately seven minutes, the subject left the roadway and got stuck, unable to flee any farther in the car.

Here’s what then happened in the next few seconds:

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Carbon Motors Purpose Built Police Car: On Tour This Fall

Starting today, October 14, the new Carbon Motors E7 purpose built police car will be on tour throughout the United Carbon Motors police carStates.  The 2008 Pure Justice Tour will stop in nine cities and will give officers and administrators the chance to see the car up close.

The E7 is built by Carbon Motors specifically for law enforcement work.  Instead of adapting a sedan to police work, they have built a police car from the ground up.  If you haven’t seen or read about these cars, it is well worth your while to visit their website and see them for yourself.  The Crown Vic isn’t bad, for what it is, but having something designed for the job we do would be a welcome change!

Carbon Motors E7 police car

The 2008 Pure Justice Tour dates:

Chicago, IL Tuesday, October 14
Indianapolis, IN Monday, October 20
Columbus, OH Thursday, October 23
San Diego, CA Saturday, November 8 – 12
San Jose, CA Tuesday, November 18
San Francisco, CA Saturday, November 22 – 29
Greenville, SC Thursday, December 4 – 9
Jacksonville, FL Wednesday, December 10 – 14
Tampa, FL Monday, December 15 – 19

Stay safe!

Carbon Motors E7 police car Carbon Motors police car

License Plate Flippers: A James Bond Gadget Police Officers Should Look For

License Plate Flipper criminal interdiction trainingIn a lot of spy movies, the hero’s car is often equipped with all sorts of gadgets designed to make espionage easier.  One of those often seen gadgets is available for your local criminals for less than $100.

The Plate Flipper is a device that installs behind the license plate of a car or motorcycle.  When activated, the plate flips down, rendering the license plate completely unreadable.  The speed is nearly instantaneous.

The device could be used to avoid tolls, as well as concealing the identity of the driver in more serious crimes.

Stay safe!

Police Chases and Officer Survival: Be Prepared to Do More Than Just Pursue

When the chase is over, are you prepared for a shootout?

The police officers in this video were chasing a suspect when he suddenly slammed on the brake, causing a collision with the officer’s car. This is a fairly common tactic used by subjects, with the goal of causing the officer’s airbags to deploy. When the airbags deploy, the suspect can then speed away.

However, in this pursuit, when the suspect is hit by the patrol car, the suspect’s vehicle spins out. What many officers may not be prepared for is the suspect exits his car, moves to the rear of the car, and while using cover, the suspect engages the officers in a gun fight.

After a short gun battle, the suspect gets back into his car and drives off. After the suspect hits a spike strip, he begins to get out of his car. One of the pursuing officers, knowing the subject is armed and all means of deadly force are authorized, rams the suspect with his patrol car.

The two lessons that I take away from this incident are:

  1. Suspects do not always run at the end of a car chase. A lot of them do, but some suspects are well armed and use good tactics. Be prepared to engage them with deadly force.
  2. Keep all deadly force options available to you. That .40 caliber Glock or .223 rifle both generate a lot of force, but a 3000 (or so) pound cruiser can generate a lot more. If the suspect presents a deadly force threat, running him over is not just a viable option, it may be the best!

Here is the video.

Stay safe!