Historical Police Video: Police Dogs in Action

Police Dogs in Action is a historical documentary police video on the use of K-9 in law enforcement.  This film follows a deputy and his dog from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department.  Building searches, tracking and training are all shown.  What’s interesting is the lead trainer is a volunteer, not a police officer.

One of the things the video emphasized was that the police dogs are meant to be gentle and are encouraged to spend time with people.

Police Video: Blast from the Past

Enjoy this historical police video called “This Is Your Police Department.”  Filmed in 1951, this police film follows “Joe” through a career with the Detroit Police Department.  I don’t know what is better:  the crossdraw uniform holster or the drunk blowing up a balloon for breath testing. Of course, rolling to a “family trouble” call in a “scout car” may be the best.

Police videos like this should be mandatory viewing for all new recruits. It would give them a sense of where the profession has been and how good we’ve got it now.

Stop and Frisk

Stop and frisk is frequently taught as the same thing, but they are not.  In Terry v. Ohio, the Supreme Court laid out two different aspects of an investigative detention and what the requirements were for each.  “Stopping” is the first aspect, and “frisking” is the second aspect.

In today’s police training video, I go over what the courts have said regarding the frisk, or pat down for weapons.  I also touch on the requirements for “plain feel” as originally described in Minnesota v. Dickerson.

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Three Tiers of Police-Citizen Encounters

The three tiers of police-citizen encounters are the subject of today’s training video.  I cover consensual encounters, investigative detentions and arrests, breaking down some of the key elements to each.

Leave questions in the comment section and we will answer them the best we can.  Keep in mind that your state laws and courts may deviate one way or another from the information presented here.  You have to talk to your department’s legal advisor and local prosecutors to be certain of where you stand.

Video Combats Public Myths About Police Shootings

officer involved shooting

Photo courtesy of Lewisha Jones

In a unique production assisted by the Force Science Institute, law enforcement authorities in an Oregon county have created an online video that explains to civilians the realities of officer-involved shootings and counters prevalent myths fostered by Hollywood fantasies.

In 17 minutes, the program ranges from addressing why officers don’t try to shoot knives out of the hands of attackers to how cell phone and dash-cam recordings can significantly distort impressions of deadly force encounters. In all, the production tackles 7 persistent misconceptions that often lead to unjust accusations of wrongdoing regarding police use of force and provides scientific insights into the true dynamics of life-or-death confrontations.

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Officer Stabbed, Suspect Shot: Chase Video

In October, Lafayette, Indiana police officers engaged in a vehicle pursuit of a subject who was reported to have just committed a battery, burglary and arson.  After a chase of approximately seven minutes, the subject left the roadway and got stuck, unable to flee any farther in the car.

Here’s what then happened in the next few seconds:

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