Deaf Training Video

Law Enforcement Training Video Deaf

Law enforcement officers deal with all types of people.  Considering the hearing impaired make up nearly 10% of the US population, learning the best way to interact with the deaf and hard of hearing seems like a reasonable thing to do.

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Police Training Video: Narcotics

“If he’s lucky, he dies early. Maybe from an overdose. Maybe from an infected needle.”

This 1951 police training video introduces officers of the day to the drug culture of the day. It looks at the drugs of the day, which, not surprisingly are still popular today. I guess nothing ever really changes.

Profile in Blue: Police Video

“Profile in Blue” is a police video profiling the Nassau County (NY) Police Department. Filmed in the 1970’s, this video demonstrates how much law enforcement has changed in the past 30-40 years.

One of the things that surprised me was the police department, not the fire department, was responding to and treating cardiac patients. I always assumed that FD was on the ground floor in the EMS/paramedic movement. Anyone know if Nassau County PD still provides the EMS services, or has this transitioned to another agency?

Police Video from the Past: Your Police

This police video is another in our series of historical law enforcement films. This is another general education film on what police officers do. Some of the things highlighted in the film are funny in hindsight. One of my favorites is the “expert firearms training” demonstrated early on in this video.

Historical Police Video: Police Dogs in Action

Police Dogs in Action is a historical documentary police video on the use of K-9 in law enforcement.  This film follows a deputy and his dog from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department.  Building searches, tracking and training are all shown.  What’s interesting is the lead trainer is a volunteer, not a police officer.

One of the things the video emphasized was that the police dogs are meant to be gentle and are encouraged to spend time with people.

Police Video: Blast from the Past

Enjoy this historical police video called “This Is Your Police Department.”  Filmed in 1951, this police film follows “Joe” through a career with the Detroit Police Department.  I don’t know what is better:  the crossdraw uniform holster or the drunk blowing up a balloon for breath testing. Of course, rolling to a “family trouble” call in a “scout car” may be the best.

Police videos like this should be mandatory viewing for all new recruits. It would give them a sense of where the profession has been and how good we’ve got it now.