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Police Training - welcomes the submission of professional police training articles for publication.

BlueSheepdog is always looking for talented authors with knowledge and experience in the law enforcement field.  Our audience is a broad mix of police officers, sheriff’s deputies, private officers and private citizens looking to improve their personal safety and job performance.

Training and educational articles on firearms training, officer safety, criminal interdiction and virtually any aspect of police work are welcome.  Gear and product reviews are also welcome if they meet our product review guidelines.

If you are interested in having one of your articles published, review the guidelines below and contact us with your information.

General Terms

  • Topics should be related to law enforcement.  Topics that are not law enforcement specific, but are related to law enforcement are frequently acceptable.  Example of these include firearms training and physical fitness.
  • Topics should avoid politics unless integral to the topic (dignitary protection, convention security, protest rallies, etc.)  Do not offer political opinion.
  • Obscene or vulgar language should be avoided.
  • Articles must use good grammar and spelling.  Most word processing programs have spelling and grammar checking features; please use them.
  • Photos are very helpful.  If you submit photographs with your articles, please make sure that the images are clear, at least 450 pixels wide and you have the rights to have the photo published.  If the photos are not yours, please tell us who they do belong to and if you have the rights to publish them.  We are able to blur faces and department identifiers if you need us to do so.
  • You retain all rights to the article and photos you submit.  You are merely granting the permission to publish them.
  • Submission of an article for publication does not mean that it will be published. can choose to publish or reject any article for any reason whatsoever.
  • Include a short biography with your article that includes some information establishing your background and/or experience with the topic.
  • You will not be paid for your articles or photos.
  • We will link to your site and/or social media site(s) in the author’s bio.  Questionable sites will not be linked to.
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