Raleigh PD Upgrades to Smith and Wesson M&P45 and M&P15 Firearms

The Raleigh (NC) Police Department upgraded their officers to the Smith and Wesson M&P45 pistols, and are adding the M&P15 rifles for their patrol officers.

raleigh_pdS&W announced that RPD upgraded to the M&P45 from a prior generation of Smith and Wesson pistol.  The M&P45 is chambered in .45 ACP, and according to Smith and Wesson, it was selected because of its ambidextrous controls and interchangable palm swell grips so the guns can be fit to all officers.  More than 900 pistols were purchased.

The M&P15, Smith and Wesson’s AR-15 rifle, was selected over other manufacturers.  The intial purchase was for 60 rifles, with a follow-up order of 340 at the start of Raleigh’s next fiscal year.

Richard is a police officer with a medium sized, central Florida department, and previously worked for a Metro-Atlanta agency.  He has served as a field training officer, court officer, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, watch commander, commander of a field training and evaluation program, and general pain in the butt to management-types looking to cut training hours.

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