Armored Mobility Provides Lightweight Level III

Armored MobilityRichard, Aaron, and I were meandering around after lunch at 2012 SHOT Show Media Day when we came across the Armored Mobility, Inc (AMI) display.  We were able to speak at length with company president Michael Berritto III, who was proud to show us his innovative Mobile Armored Shield (MAS).

Quite a few things stood out about this ballistic shield.  At NIJ Standard 0101.06 Level III, AMI states the MAS will stop (pistol and) rifle rounds to include:

  • 7.62mm X 51 M80 NATO FMJ
  • 5.56mm LeMas Urban Warfare
  • 5.56mm M193 FMJ
  • 6.8mm 110 gr OTM
  • 30-06 M2 FMJ
  • 7.62mm X 39 M43 Steel Core FMJ
  • 12 Gauge High Velocity Slug
  • (Armored Mobility notes–will not stop 5.56 M855 green tip)

The 15” X 38” Mobile Armored Shield does this at a weight of just 16 pounds!  Many shields on the market possess only Level IIIa capability at nearly double the weight.  The 18” X 38” MAS weighs 22 lbs.

AMI states that Dyneema UD-HB25, a high performance polyethylene fiber 15 times stronger than steel and by weight 40 times stronger than comparable aramid fibers, makes up the core of the MAS.  It is sheathed in a patented military ballistic grade jacket.

The MAS is designed for “tactical mobility,” and as such is narrow for maneuverability and portability.  To increase the coverage of protection, multiple Mobile Armored Shields can be overlapped together with their Lightweight Shield Connecting System.

Berritto said something like, “Watch this,” and threw a competitor’s heavy steel armor plate at a MAS.  Thunk!  It stuck to the front of the shield.  Magnetic.  Ahhhh.  You can “up armor” a police cruiser or other vehicle by affixing a MAS, or MAS’s, to the exterior.  Berritto said his shields stick like 100 mile-an-hour tape to a car.  AMI knows this because they did high speed, harsh condition driving tests to prove that they will.

Armored Mobility

In addition to the backside grab-handles, there are ballistic nylon loops with rubberized hand grips, two on each side, which make the MAS a field-expedient litter for moving wounded or serving as a backboard.  And the MAS actually floats for water rescue!

AMI products are Made in America.  A 15” X 38” Mobile Armored Shield starts at $2750, the larger 18” X 38” is $3300.  AMI also makes some very interesting lightweight Level III rifle plates.

I was impressed with the features and versatility of the Mobile Armored Shield.  We face escalating threats at work.  While many SWAT Teams have at least vest plates for rifle protection, the lion’s share of shields out there are only at Level IIIa.  I’d love to have a MAS in the trunk of my cruiser for street duty.

Randall is a twenty-four year sworn police officer in a mid-sized Florida police department.  He has been an FTO, K9 Handler, Detective, and SWAT Team Leader.  He is currently the K9 Unit Sergeant and department SWAT Coordinator.

Armored Mobility

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Randall is a 27 year veteran police sergeant in Florida with experience in SWAT, K9, FTO, and Detective Assignments.