ArmorWorks UCBA: Ultra-Concealable Body Armor

Armor Works UCBA

At last month’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, Randall and I had the opportunity to meet with the folks at ArmorWorks and take a look at the new ultra-concealable body armor (UCBA) they are working on.

The UCBA is an extremely thin and lightweight solution for people needing a very discreet way to armor up.

The prototype model on the expo floor was impressive.  The armor seemed very thin and flexible.  It was contained in a neoprene-like material that was something akin to a compression shirt.  There were panels in the front and the back of the carrier, yet neither was obvious under the outer shirt.

According to the ArmorWorks literature, the panels offer NIJ Level II protection against handgun rounds, which is pretty darn impressive considering the relative thinness of the material.  But, the panels go one step farther and also offer Level I spike protection and P1 knife protection as well.

The obvious use in the police context is for undercover officers.  However, this type of armor would also be good for any dignitary you might be assigned to protect.

Armor Works UCBA

There isn’t a set date for when production will start on these vests.  I imagine that ArmorWorks is pretty busy right now with their current business, which includes a large military contract for their PUGZ protective undergarments.  The PUGZ product is essentially ballistic underwear that helps protect the groin and upper legs from IED shrapnel.

When I get more information on production dates and MSRP, I will pass it along.

I suggest going over to taking a look at Randall’s article on the ArmorWorks plate carrier with a unique MOLLE solution.

Armor Works UCBA

The arrows point to the edges of the front armor panel.

UCBA panel

Approximate shape and size of the rear panel.

UCBA front panel

Approximate size and shape of the front panel.

UCBA side view

Side view of the ArmorWorks UCBA under a casual shirt with an overlay of where the panels are located.

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