Review of Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols for Law Enforcement

M&P for law enforcement

I published a review and recorded a video on the suitability of the Smith & Wesson M&P line of pistols for law enforcement.  Click here for the video and article.

The M&P line has really proved to be popular with law enforcement, and Smith & Wesson is retaking some of the law enforcement “ground” they lost to Glock and SIG SAUER in the 80’s and 90’s.  I examine some of the reasons I believe the M&P line is an excellent choice for police officers.

FYI – I’ve carried guns from all of the “Big 3″ on duty:  Glock, SIG SAUER and Smith & Wesson.  I also personally own at least one gun from each of the companies currently, and have owned several more from each in the past.  I’m not a “hater” of any of them, so please respond with comments other than “You just hate XXX-brand!”

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