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Comp-Tac Police Holster

While at Media Day, the field trip to the shooting range for the media at the SHOT Show, I got to see the new Comp Tac duty holster that was announced a few weeks back.  The holster is a hybrid of polymer and leather.  The scabbard portion is form fitted polymer with a leather strap for a traditional thumb snap retention.  There are no other retention devices built into the holster.

The holsters can be made to fit a variety of handguns with and without mounted lights.  Exact models and light combinations were not available, but expect popular gun and light combinations to be available.  The one shown at Media Day was for a full-size Glock pistol with a SureFire X300 light attached.

The Comp-Tac duty holster has a modular attachment on the back, which allows it to be used on traditional nuty belts or to be mounted else where, such as to a paddle system or drop leg platform.  I would also expect that it could be attached to a plate carrier with the right mounting adaptor.

Comp-Tac Duty Holster

The sample holster seemed to be of excellent quality with no obvious blemishes or defects.  It seemed very well made and should perform well on the street.  While I prefer the retention security of an old-school Safariland SSIII 070 or my current issued 6360 ALS, I don’t see any problems with the Comp-Tac duty holster if you are comfortable with its retention style.

Comp-Tac enjoys a good reputation in the shooting industry, so if this holster meets your needs I would not hesitate in giving it a try.

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