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If you can help with a few dollars, I would appreciate you supporting Matt DeVito and his family.  A fire destroyed their house and took all of their worldly possessions.  To compound the problem, they had recently moved into this home and it was not yet covered by insurance.

Matt’s family needs food, clothes, school supplies and all of the other things that most of us take for granted.

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Even if you can’t donate, I’d appreciate you sharing the information.

FNS-40 Pistols Adopted by Baltimore County

Pictured is the FNS-9 LS, the 9mm version of the pistol adopted by the Baltimore County Police Department.

FNH USA announced the Baltimore County (MD) Police Department adopted the FNS-40 LS pistol as the agency’s new duty firearm.

The FNS-40 LS is a polymer-framed, striker-fired semiautomatic pistol.  The FNS guns are double action and normally have a manual safety.  However, the FNS-40 LS does not have a manual safety.  It is not known if this was a special build requirement by the department, or if all of the new LS models will be without a manual safety.

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