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Matt’s family needs food, clothes, school supplies and all of the other things that most of us take for granted.

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FNS-40 Pistols Adopted by Baltimore County


Pictured is the FNS-9 LS, the 9mm version of the pistol adopted by the Baltimore County Police Department.

FNH USA announced the Baltimore County (MD) Police Department adopted the FNS-40 LS pistol as the agency’s new duty firearm.

The FNS-40 LS is a polymer-framed, striker-fired semiautomatic pistol.  The FNS guns are double action and normally have a manual safety.  However, the FNS-40 LS does not have a manual safety.  It is not known if this was a special build requirement by the department, or if all of the new LS models will be without a manual safety.

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TAVOR Enters US Law Enforcement Service


IWI US announced the Pennsylvania State Capitol Police Department (PSCPD) selected the TAVOR as the department’s new patrol rifle.  The IWI TAVOR is a compact, bullpup style rifle chambered for the 5.56 NATO cartridge and uses standard AR-15/M-4 magazines.

PA State Capitol PD

The TAVOR was developed in Israel, and has recently became available in the US market.  I believe PSCPD is the first US law enforcement agency to adopt the TAVOR.

Based on the things I have heard, it is a reliable rifle that is easy to shoot.  One of our writers and SWAT veteran, Aaron, reviewed the TAVOR at  Aaron had some very positive things to say about the rifle.

I’ve had a chance to hold the gun, and it is well balanced, compact and maneuverable.  For some of the compact spaces PSCPD may operate in, this rifle sounds like a good fit for them.

With a 16.5″ barrel, the overall length of the TAVOR is only a hair over 26″.  Compare that to the Colt Law Enforcement Carbine (AR-15) that has an overall length of 32″ – 35.5″ depending on buttstock adjustment.  And, the Colt has a shorter barrel (16.1″ instead of 16.5″.)  That’s a 6″ to 11.5″ difference, plus whatever additional velocity or accuracy the longer barrel might impart.

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Streamlight Strion LED HL Review

Streamlight Strion LED HL Review

Everybody working the road needs a good flashlight – even the officers on day watch.  I’ve always said that having a small flashlight on your belt is critical for ensuring that you always have a light no matter where you are, and that you have a backup to the larger light you might normally hop out of your car with at night.  The Streamlight Strion LED HL is a great flashlight for just this need.

HL stands for “high lumen” and this light has a lot of them: 500.  Equally critical is that it has a relatively low (for tactical lights) candela measurement of 10,000 candela.  This means the light throws a bright, wide pattern making it great for doing building searches.  With each click of the light, you get a clear view of a wide area, instead of just a narrow slice.

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LASD Adopts M&P 9


Smith & Wesson released a press release this morning saying the company entered a contract with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to provide the agency with M&P 9 pistols for the next five years.  These will replace non-Smith & Wesson handguns, which I believe are the Beretta 92 FS pistols.

A member of the Smith & Wesson Forum (not affiliated with the company) posted in January 2012 that the agency was converting to the M&P 9.  According to the author, this is the “first major handgun conversion for the department since the adoption of the Beretta in 1989.”

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.40 S&W Speer Gold Dot Ammo Testing

Speer Gold Dot

I’ve been a fan of the Speer Gold Dot ammunition for many years now.  The 155 grain Gold Dot round for the .40 S&W is what I was issued at two different agencies, and I have seen the results of its use in officer involved shootings.  I can’t say that it is better than any of the other premium rounds out there, but I believe it is a very good performer.

A fellow gun enthusiast, Bruce at Pocket Guns & Gear, does a lot of ammunition testing on his site.  He was gracious enough to spend the time and webspace to test this round for me.  So, I sent him a box and the results are posted on his site here.

Interestingly, the round did not perform as well on the denim test as I would have expected.  On bare gelatin and on his bone-simulation test, the round performed very well.  But two rounds into the denim-on-jello test did not impress me.

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