New Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifles

Ruger introduce their Gunsite Scout Rifle several years ago. Based upon Jeff Cooper’s Scout Rifle concept, the Ruger Gunsite produced a compact, bolt-action rifle, that met many of Cooper’s goals. The one area that was outside of Cooper’s specifications was weight. Cooper called for a rifle no more than 6.6 lbs. but the Ruger Gunsite came in between 7.1 to 7.3 lbs. depending on selection.

This year Ruger expanded their Gunsite Scout Rifle offerings in both 5.56mm and 7.62mm. The new .308 caliber offerings have a black composite stock that helps reduce the weight to a Cooper-approved 6.25 lbs. In addition, the 5.56mm versions have the option to be built for specifically left-handed shooters.

The new Ruger Gunsite Scout rifles offer composite stocks for reduced weight.

The new Ruger Gunsite Scout rifles offer composite stocks for reduced weight. Note the optional muzzle brake.

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LE Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

Let me start this article off by saying if you are not carrying at least a tourniquet (ON YOUR PERSON), while you are on duty, then you have failed! You have failed yourself, your partners, your family, your department, and your community. I fully confess my faults by admitting that I have only started to carry a tourniquet (SOF-T) while on duty in the last two years of my 18 year career. I’m ashamed of my ignorance. Thankfully I was introduced to modern TCCC, Tactical Combat Casualty Care about 3 years ago, and have been praising its concepts ever since.

You must understand that TCCC does NOT override Active Shooter Response training. Officers should still move to the threat, isolate the threat, and if required kill the active threat. Only after the threat has been isolated or eliminated, should TCCC efforts begin. That includes fallen officers. It does the situation no good if officers are stopping to treat the injured (officers included) when the active threat is still able to move and cause more casualties. However, if all officers are trained in TCCC, then a fallen officer can “self treat” themselves until more assistance can arrive once the threat has been stopped.

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Bail Out Bandolier from Tuff Products

bail out bandolierTuff Products is making an alternative to the bail out bag called the Bail Out Bandolier.  The nylon bandolier goes on quick and is covered with MOLLE webbing for attaching various pouches and gear.

The bail out bandolier is an interesting take on the “grab and go” equipment solutions for patrol cops.  Many officers carry a bailout bag in their cars for “hot” calls like an active shooter.  Other officers use a load bearing vest to carry extra equipment.  Some officers outfit a plate carrier with their gear, getting the benefits of added protection in addition to the extra tools.

Both the bag and the vest are viable solutions, but are not ideal for all officers.  The bandolier concept may be a better option for some patrol cops.

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Counter Terrorism Tactics for Patrol

The Midwest Tactical Officers Association (MTOA) is sponsoring a three day course called “Counter Terrorism Tactics for Patrol.”  Taught by Delia Tactical International, the course is a three day course focused on patrol response to extreme threats posed by terrorists in an urban environment.  The class is “hands on,” and it moves well beyond the typical active shooter in-service training.

The course is sponsored by MTOA, but it is definitely patrol focused, not SWAT focused.

The course will be held February 6-8, 2012 in Milwaukee, WI.  Tuition is $465 and class size is limited to 24 officers.  For additional information and full course description, go to the MTOA site.

5.11 VTAC LBE Vest Review: Bail-Out Ready

5.11 VTAC LBE Vest Review

5.11 VTAC LBE Vest Review

5.11 VTAC LBE Vest Review

I am not a fan of the bail-out bag.  Neither am I fond of showing up for the party without the proper favors.  As a crossover from SWAT, I really like the idea of a load-bearing vest for emergency patrol operations.

While the concept of the bail-out bag is great, my experience is that carrying the bag and accessing its contents are problematic.  Since the go-bag is worn over one shoulder, it dangles off to one side, normally your non-dominant side.

This can bring it into interference with your duty belt gear opposite your sidearm.  It also makes for a second strap tangling you up and applying opposing pressure to your neck when you have a rifle or shotgun slung to the other side.

A go-bag will ride at your seven or eight o’clock position, especially on the run, so getting things out of it requires added attention.  A load-bearing equipment MOLLE vest I tried from 5.11 Tactical solved these all problems.

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Police Response and Terrorism – BlueSheepdog Podcast #26

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Police response to terrorism in the wake of the Norway terrorist incident is the topic of today’s police training podcast.

Last week’s terrorist attacks in Norway should be a wake up call to every community that thinks “It can’t happen here.”  I look at what we know so far from the incident, consider some of the ramifications of responding to bomb attacks and examine police response to active shooter scenarios.

The incident in Norway was beyond ugly, but it is not unprecedented.  Nor will it be the last.

Law enforcement must prepare to respond to terrorism today.

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Norway Terrorism

Norway TerrorismNorway suffered a great tragedy on Friday when dozens of people, many of them teens, were gunned down by at least one subject dressed as a police officer.  At this time, it appears this attack was coordinated with a bomb that was set off outside the prime minister’s office earlier in the day.

If you have paid attention to world events, you know this is not an original incident.  Bombs have been detonated by terrorists around the world for almost as long as we have had explosive technology.  Mass shooting incidents are also not new.

There are a few things about this incident, which are important to consider.

An attack may be the main attack, or it may be a distraction. It is impossible to say at this time what the intent of the terrorist(s) was with the bombing.  However, that attack likely pulled resources toward it.  Officers may have been diverted from other areas to respond to that incident location, which may have reduced the ability to respond to the second attack.

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Domestic Terrorism: The Threat Is Real

Terrorism TrainingOsama took two to the head, so terrorism here in the US is a thing of the past, right?  I doubt you believe that any more than I do.  The fact is the threats are still very real.

NY Terror Plot

NYPD just arrested a pair of men on terrorism charges that you’ve likely never heard about if you live outside of the Big Apple.

Arrested on May 11, the two men plotted to detonate bombs in a Jewish synagogue as part of a “jihad” in retaliation for how Muslim people are treated around the world.  The men also planned to bomb the Empire State building as part of their jihad.

Both men were from the north Africa region: one from Algiers, the other from Morocco.

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Bail Out Bags – BlueSheepdog Podcast 10

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On today’s BlueSheepdog Podcast, I talk about the bail out bags:  what it is, how to pick one and what you should keep in them.  Definitely post what you use and carry in yours in the comments section below.

Links from today’s podcast:

The Bail Out Bag

Bail Out Bag

The new MAXPEDITION Active Shooter bag makes an excellent bail out bag for the patrol officer.

The unpredictable nature of police work requires cops to carry a lot of equipment and paperwork in their cars.  You never know what kind of calls you will get on your shift, so you have to bring everything you might need.  Of course, you never know what you may need on any given call.  That’s one of the reasons a police officer’s duty belt has more gear than Batman ever had on his belt.

There are some calls that you know are going to require more than the average effort.  Calls such as barricaded subjects and active shooters may pop up unexpectedly, but most of the responding officers will have the chance to grab an extra item with them when they get on scene: the bail out bag.

What is the bail out bag?

The bail out bag is a small to medium sized bag that an officer can stock with less commonly used items that may be of great benefit on calls that fall outside the officer’s routine workload.

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