Happy Independence Day and God Bless America!

The 13-star Continental Flag (photo on Pintrest)

The 13-star Continental Flag (photo on Pinterest)

This weekend the United States of America celebrates its 239th birthday. On July 4, 1776 the Continental Congress, representing the 13 original American Colonies, declared independence from Great Britain and the dictatorial rule of King George III. However, at the time the fate of the American colonies was far from determined, as they faced the most formidable army and navy in the world.

Amazingly, hostilities between the Royal Army and the Colonists had been going on since the Boston Massacre in 1770. The “shot heard ’round the world” had occurred a full year before the signing of the Declaration, at the Battle of Concord. The American militia had surprised the Royal Army at the Battle of Lexington, pushing them back to Boston, bloodied all along the path with over 1000 casualties. A short time later the Americans made a bold and brave stand at Bunker Hill, overlooking Boston, where another 1500 British casualties were inflicted. However, the Americans had run out of ammunition, losing their cannons and suffering over 400 casualties themselves.

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Supreme Court Limits K-9 Sniffs at Stops

Officers must know U.S. Constitutional law, as well as keeping updated on the laws of their own State.

Officers must know U.S. Constitutional law, as well as keeping updated on the laws of their own State and Federal Court rulings.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled on another use of K-9 units at traffic stops that will have significant impact on the way law enforcement can use this vital tool in the detection and apprehension of illegal drugs. Though the use of police canines has been legally acceptable for nearly 100 years, and has been recognized by the High Court in the use of drug detection for decades, the High Court has made a clear guideline for when their use is lawful and when it is not.

In the April Supreme Court ruling of Rodriguez v. United States, the Court decided the use of a K-9 at a traffic stop can violate the 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. The decision is not a landmark case, like Arizona v. Gant (where search of vehicles incident to arrest was reversed after 100 years), but the decision solidifies a previously determined concept that traffic stops cannot be extended without additional lawful reasons.

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How Do You BlueSheepDog?

BlueSheepdog patch

The BlueSheepDog Crew is always evaluating the site to see how we can make things better. As we have stated many times already, our primary purpose is to provide America’s law enforcement officers an outstanding resource for:

  • Officer safety concerns
  • Training on key aspects of police work
  • Information on the latest firearms, ammunition, and LE duty gear available
  • Tactics for the modern police officer
  • Trauma treatment and the essentials of TCCC and a good Kit
  • Legal updates from the Federal Courts
  • Firearm and equipment reviews
  • And more …

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Speer Gold Dot Ammunition Additions


At SHOT Show this year, Speer Ammunition announced several additions to their quality Gold Dot G2 line of handgun ammunition. Speer Ammunition is not new to the law enforcement market, and the Gold Dot G2 line is specifically targeted for police users. In fact, Speer claims their Gold Dot ammunition is the #1 law enforcement duty round on the market. The Speer Gold Dot ammunition is designed for duty use, while the Lawman line is designed for training and practice.

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Gerber Ding-Dong Breaching Tool

Gerber has been famous for producing some very impressive knives for nearly . The company continues to make great knife options, but in recent years Gerber has been increasingly branching off into survival and specialty tools. At SHOT Show this year, Gerber was showing their “Ding-Dong” breaching tool, released mid-2014. The Gerber Ding-Dong is a multi-purpose Halligan Tool (H-Tool), combining the standard H-Tool pry bar function with a heavy-duty sledge-hammer and battering ram.

The Gerber Ding-Dong

The Gerber Ding-Dong breaching tool is compact but capable.

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Sons Trauma Kits

The Sons Trauma Kits

Phokus Research Group, a part of the Safariland group, has created an incredible Trauma Kit targeted specifically for law enforcement and first responder use. Named the Sons Trauma Kit, there are several versions targeted for specific uses. The kits contain the most important medical tools to life saving trauma care in the field, and are directly related to the concepts of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).

Phokus Research Group is a part of Safariland, and designed and distributes the Sons Trauma Kits.

Phokus Research Group is a component of Safariland.

The Sons Trauma Kits are great trauma kits, but each officer should investigate the options and specific needs before making a decision or purchasing trauma care supplies.

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Crash at SHOT Show 2015

Well if you’ve been diligently coming back to BlueSheepDog this week, looking for the latest and greatest offerings from the SHOT Show, you might have been wondering, “what the heck”. The BlueSheepDog crew extends our most sincere apologies that the news feed went down yesterday, but apparently the overwhelming response to both BlueSheepDog and our sister site GunsHolstersandGear.com, pushed our server beyond its capable means. Yep, we crashed!

Though not intentional, we were a train wreck, like the government archives photo!

Though not intentional, we were a train wreck, like this government archives photo!

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U.S. v. Molsbarger – Hotels & 4th Amendment

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This case is from the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals and therefore establishes strong precedence, even with other Circuits. However, the staff at BlueSheepDog are not legal advisors, and strongly recommend that readers refer to their State Statutes and confer with local Prosecutors before taking action in regards to this decision.   

Grand Forks Police Cruiser (Photo courtesy of GFPD)

Grand Forks Police Cruiser (Photo courtesy of GFPD)

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Happy New Year Sheepdogs!


BSD t-shirt basic

We here at BlueSheepDog.com want to wish all of our followers the best of wishes for a peaceful and safe new year.  Here is hoping that the holiday season was a pleasant and peaceful time shared and enjoyed with your families and loved ones.  We also hope that all of our sworn sheepdogs stay sharp with their skills, and safe with their tactics to continue providing your communities with protection.

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NIJ Death Investigation Course


The University of North Dakota has partnered with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) to create and offer a Death Investigation Course to professionals in the field.  The course aims to provide the variety of professionals who are commonly involved in investigating deaths with the technical and investigative skills necessary to successfully get through one of the most difficult calls one can receive.

The great thing about this course is that it is grant funded by the NIJ.  That means that qualified students can take the course for FREE until September 30, 2015.  The course is specifically designed to meet State continuing education requirements for police officers, investigators, coroners or medical examiners, and physicians.

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