National Police Week, May 10-16

A surviving wife and son pay homage, while two police honor guards stand watch for the fallen
A surviving wife and son pay homage, while two police honor guards stand watch over the fallen.

In 1962, then President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation making May 15th the National Police Officer’s Memorial Day. Since that time the week surrounding May 15th has been designated National Police Week – a week of remembrance of those officers that have paid the ultimate price, and a week of celebration for those officers still walking the thin blue line.

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Defend Police Officers – STAND UP, SPEAK OUT!

Police are the Good Guys - we need to show that to the public.
Police are the “Good Guys” – we need to show that to the public even more nowadays.

In the last several years there has been a palpable change in the image of police officers in the media. A change in opinion, that if left unattended, will fester into a dangerous rift between the public servant and the public. No officer should think that this rift can simply be left alone and will blow over.

Every police officer in America needs to recognize their own personal responsibility to meet this challenge head-on, just like they have sworn an oath to meet the wolves of society head-on. Whether you are in the police academy, a veteran officer, or a Chief or Sheriff, the response that is needed should be loud and clear – “STAND UP, SPEAK OUT!”

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Atlanta S.W.A.T. Choose Bergara Rifles

The customized Bergara "Heavy Tactical" sniper rifle selected by Altanta Police.
The customized Bergara “Heavy Tactical” sniper rifle selected by Atlanta Police.

The Atlanta, Georgia Police Department has recently announced the selection of new sniper rifles made entirely by Bergara. Over the last several years Bergara has developed a barrel manufacturing process that has become well-known in the industry for some of the finest rifle barrels on the market. Bergara barrels are made in Spain using the latest manufacturing technology, but their American headquarters is located in Diluth, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb.

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The Glock 43 Single Stack 9mm Has Arrived!

The new Glock 43. A sub-compact, single stack 9mm.
The new Glock 43. A sub-compact, single stack 9mm – it’s officially here! (Photo courtesy of The Firearm Blog – TFB)

Preparing for SHOT Show this year a wealth of media releases about new products, and upgrades were released. Conspicuously missing was an announcement from Glock about the handgun everyone has been seeking for a long time.

Well, the BlueSheepDog Crew can finally share with our readers that Glock has produced that long-awaited pistol – the single stack, compact Glock 43 in 9mm.

Much thanks, and full credit, goes to our friend Phil White at The Firearm Blog for breaking this announcement and providing us the confirmation that the Glock 43 is coming! For a look at Phil’s article and his Glock 43 shooting experience check out the link below:

The Firearm Blog Glock 43 Shoot.

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PA Bill Would Reduce Knife Restrictions

Legislators in the State of Pennsylvania have just introduced a bill that would reduce or eliminate several legal restrictions on knives as “Prohibited Weapons”. The act was strongly supported by the American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI), and would delete “dagger, knife, razor or cutting instrument razor which is exposed in an automatic way by switch, push button, spring mechanism, or otherwise” from current Pennsylvania law (Title 18, Section 908 (c), Section 2).

Benchmade HK Soldat Knife


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Remington 700 Trigger Recall


Remington Arms, the nation’s oldest continuous firearms manufacturer, has announced a major recall on one of the most iconic firearms ever made – the Model 700.  The recall covers all Model 700 X-Mark Pro (XMP) triggers in rifles made from May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014.  The recall also covers Model 7 rifles with the XMP trigger system.  The recall recognizes a growing concern that the rifle will unintentionally discharge without the trigger being depressed.

What seemed to start as an internet rumor, and something vehemently denied by Remington up until now, it appears there is in fact a manufacturing fault in the XMP triggers that could cause disastrous results.  Remington has now acknowledged there could potentially be an excess compound in the trigger/safety mechanism from the manufacturing process.  Though not officially stated, it seems this excess bonding agent can hinder the trigger’s ability to reset.  Manipulating the bolt for another round, or simply flipping the safety to fire, could then result in the rifle firing.

It should be noted that ONLY the Model 700’s and Model 7’s with the XMP triggers manufactured during the recall period are affected.  The vast majority of Model 700 rifles ARE NOT a part of the recall.  Here is how to know if your rifle’s trigger may be a part of the recall:

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