Remembering the Price of Freedom

It's not about a 3-day weekend. Photo by the U.S. Army.
Memorial Day – It’s not about a 3-day weekend! Photo by the U.S. Army.

The first Memorial Day was actually called Decoration Day in 1866, and was set aside to recognize the contributions and sacrifices of America’s military personnel during the Civil War. It would not be until 1966 that President Johnson would sign into law declaring the last Monday in May would be named Memorial Day, combining four different dates being celebrated across the nation.

In the course of our Nation’s history, millions of men and women have served this country in the armed forces, and hundreds of thousands have given the ultimate sacrifice and full measure of service to their fellow countrymen. Memorial Day is especially set aside for those who have died in the service of this Country, while Veteran’s Day is the day to celebrate those who are still serving, retired, or formerly active members that are still living.

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Detective Josh Ward Needs Assistance



Those words are the dreaded broadcast announcing a fellow officer is in the fight of their life, and all available help is needed. It is one of the few calls that demands us to drop everything and get to the officer in need of help. It is the worst of the worst.

Though this is the call that represents the worst case scenario for an officer, it is also the most powerful testimony of the brotherhood of the badge. It is a call that brings the “Calvary” of help to the officer in need. Petty differences or personality conflicts at work are put aside, and the mission to reach the officer in need becomes the united effort of all.

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FLIR R-Series ThermoSight


Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 2.07.02 PM

FLIR is one of the world’s leading developers of infra-red or thermal sighting systems. What was once a purely military technology, infra-red sighting options have been growing in law enforcement for several decades now. However, those FLIR units have typically been large optics mounted to helicopters, vehicles, or robots. The hand-held units have been more directed at area searches to simply locate a person’s body heat in dark or thick terrain.

The new R-Series ThermoSight from FLIR is one of the first optics truly designed to give law enforcement the ability to “see” potential targets in conditions that would normally leave officers blind, or worse, exposing their position by the use of external lighting.

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United States v. White (2015): Searches and Parolees

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The United States 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has recently decided the case of United States v. White (2015), which will provide significant guidance to law enforcement officers dealing with parolees or people on probation. Generally the Federal Courts have recognized that offenders that have been released on parole or placed on probation, have a reduced expectation of privacy in 4th Amendment protections.

The justification for this reduced privacy is based on the fact that they are allowed into society only by the graces of the criminal justice system, and were it not for parole or probation they would be incarcerated, where there are very few expectations of privacy granted by the 4th Amendment. However, the level of 4th Amendment protections of parolees and probationers while in society still remains a question.

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Sig Sauer P250 Nitron in .380.

The Sig Sauer P250 Nitron sub-compact .380.
The Sig Sauer P250 Nitron sub-compact .380.

Sig Sauer produces some of the finest firearms in the world, and their handguns have been the choice selection of U.S. military units and law enforcement agencies across the country. However, those handgun selections have primarily been for full-sized duty firearms.

Sig Sauer has responded to a growing trend of interest by firearm owners for smaller handguns, particularly in the concealed carry arena with the Sig Sauer P250 Nitron. The P250 is now available in .380, adding to the original calibers of 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. The P250 provides many of the same outstanding features expected of Sig Sauer firearms. For officers who carry a Sig Sauer as their primary on-duty handgun, the P250 Nitron could be a great selection for a back-up or off-duty firearm.

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Oakley SI Flak 2.0 XL Eye Protection


Oakley is one of the best known producers of high quality eye protection in the world, and they have recently announced an upgrade to their SI Flak glasses. The SI (Standard Issue) Flak 2.0 XL glasses. The new offering has an expanded lens covering with a more squared appearance than the previous version.

Oakley SI Flak 2.0 XL glasses have foldable arms, and the lenses are unsupported at the bottom allowing a clearer field of view than full framed lenses. These new eye pro have a sleek appearance, that still provides a great deal of protection to the user’s eyes. These look to be a great contender for patrol and specialized unit operations.

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