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Got Ammo? You Better Stock Up!

Have you checked your department’s armory lately? If not, you had better convince the people in charge to start stocking up like a modern-day Prepper! How many hollow point duty rounds do you have? If you think you have enough, you might want to think again! Those agencies caught by surprise when the civilian ammunition […]

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Magpul M-LOK Tripod Adapter

Magpul Industries has announced the delivery of the Modular-LOK (M-LOK) Tripod Adapter. The M-LOK is an incredible tool that can quickly transition a standard AR-15 patrol rifle into a stable platform for more precise shots, or a precision AR rifle into an … [Read More...]


Ruger Precision Rifle Review

is no stranger to an innovative approach to firearms manufacturing. The company's forward thinking team has produced patented new technology, and dozens of highly reliable firearms. In fact, it was Ruger's non-traditional firearm philosophy, and astute market … [Read More...]

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Spudz Pro Optic Cloth by Alpine Innovations

Alpine Innovations is the brain child company of Darren Jones, who has been producing every-day solutions since 2002. What started with the need to fix a muddy fly line has turned into a company focused on providing outdoor enthusiasts with products to make … [Read More...]


A Duty to Intervene – Salvato v. Miley

When an officer swears the oath of office they are making a solemn promise to uphold the U.S. Constitution, their State Constitution, and the laws of their jurisdiction. In most circumstances this oath is upheld and gauged by the officer's exercise of … [Read More...]