Tuff Products Tacllet Review

TaclletI recently tested a concealed firearm pack for waist or shoulder carry that has great potential. Tuff Products makes the Tacllet, which is a combination of Tactical and Wallet.

Tuff Products manufactures nylon and leather goods for the military, law enforcement, and armed citizens. Tuff Product’s QuickStrips were mentioned on BlueSheepdog.com in a previous revolver reload article.

The Tacllet was designed by world-renowned firearms photographer and sport shooter Ichiro Nagata. Mr. Nagata has designed other items for Tuff, such as the 5 in Line and 8 in Line high capacity nylon magazine carriers.

I like the versatility the Tacllet possesses for making it “mission specific” to the day’s tasks. It can be lightly outfitted as a waist pack for a run to the store, or loaded down with emergency gear and rifle mags as a mini-bail out bag.

This carry-all’s most important function is for the concealed carry of and rapid access to a large caliber firearm. For this, it shines.

The Tacllet comes with loop Velcro in the main compartment to configure its slip holster to your particular firearm. It is roomy enough to carry my Sig Sauer P226 with inches to spare. I was also able to fit a 4” barreled Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver inside. That makes the Tacllet cavernous.

The handle on the front of the pack allows you to pull a side pouch forward to fully access your handgun. This is Mr. Nagata demonstrating the Tacllet:

I ordered a Coyote Brown right-handed pack. The right outboard pouch has YKK zippered pockets inside and out for small items. The left outboard pouch has a drawstring mesh outside pocket and a loop Velcro-lined inside pocket for mounting hook-backed Velcro accessories.

Between the outboard pouches is a 4” sewn-in elastic sleeve that can hold a pen, Kubotan, or AA flashlight.

Behind the adjustable waist or shoulder belt is a wide slip pocket with three elastic loops, which can fit three AR-15-sized magazines. There is a large 10” x 6” YKK zippered pocket closest to the body for whatever gear you forgot to put in the rest of the storage.

Finally, there were five extra Velcro and elastic holders, with which to customize the bag, that were included in the package.

The Tacllet is sturdily constructed and Made in the USA. Retail prices run about twenty-five bucks under the $89.99 MSRP.

Look for a Tuff Products Tacllet to be an upcoming BlueSheepdog.com Give-Away item!

Randall is a twenty-three year sworn police officer in a mid-sized Florida police department. He has been an FTO, K9 Handler, Detective, and SWAT Team Leader. He is currently the Midnight Shift K9 Sergeant and department SWAT Coordinator.

Tuff Products Tacllet

Tuff Tacllet

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Randall is a 27 year veteran police sergeant in Florida with experience in SWAT, K9, FTO, and Detective Assignments.