New BulletSafe Body Armor and Rifle Plates

BulletSafe Vest Close

Prior to a large event, we receive a hard-drive-punishing flow of emailed product press releases.  My interest was piqued by a bullet resistant vest company that promised what I thought was a typographical error for their MSRP.  I would definitely be paying a visit to the BulletSafe booth at SHOT Show 2014.

At the Show, I met Tom Nardone, BulletSafe’s company president, in their small space at an off-the-main-floor Law Enforcement Vendors ballroom.  Not shy, I had to ask right out of the gate, “Why are your ballistic vests so inexpensive?”  At a suggested retail price of just $299.00, BulletSafe’s Level IIIA protection brought out the skeptic in me.

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SWAT Attitude

A Few Words on the SWAT Attitude…

I have lately been talking with a few SWAT guys about their perspectives of their tactical teams. While I won’t go into politics or particulars, I will say a central theme in my many discussions has revolved around attitude.

Not as in Attitude with a capital “I’m a badass SWAT guy, so blah, blah, blah.”  Attitude, as it relates to a positive approach to training for and execution of high-risk operations.  A shared bad morale will destroy a Team from the inside out.

SWAT art

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Viridian TacLoc Holster

At the Viridian Green Laser Sights booth at SHOT Show 2012, Aaron and I got a look at Viridian’s new TacLoc holster, which is specifically designed to work in conjunction with Viridian handgun-mounted C5, C5L, and X5L green lasers.

Viridian Owner Tom Otteson gave us an impromptu demo of the TacLoc holster and their new X5L green laser/light/strobe combo.  Thanks, Tom for taking one for the team!

The innovative twist here is that the holster can activate the green laser/light upon draw and deactivate it when re-holstered.  Viridian calls this their ECR, or enhanced combat readiness design.  The user sets the C5 or X5 in the desired mode:  laser, light, laser and light, laser and strobing light, or strobing light and the TacLoc turns the unit on in that setting when the gun is withdrawn.  Replacing the gun turns off the unit.

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Appeals Court Rejects Qualified Immunity in K9 Dog Bite Case

K9 policeThe U. S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit considered an appeal in the Florida case of Edwards vs. Shanley and Lovette (11-11512) that involves the question of whether officers are granted qualified immunity when a Police K9 bites a suspect for five to seven minutes during an arrest.

In this incident, Orlando Police Ofc. Justin Lovette initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Colin Edwards on the night of 12/17/2008.  Lovette observed Edwards run a stop sign.  Edwards pulled over, but then fled on foot from Lovette because Edwards knew he had a suspended driver’s license.

Lovette called for back-up and Orlando K9 Ofc. Bryan Shanley arrived with K9 Roscoe.  Roscoe tracked Edwards a half mile and into an open field where Edwards said he laid on the ground prone with his arms spread.

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Spyderco OpFocus Catalog for Those Duty-Bound

Spyderco, Inc. has come out with a special on-line Flip Book and PDF catalog designed specifically “for the duty-bound armed professional, first responder, martial artist, or defense-minded civilian.”  It is called OpFocus.

Spyderco OpFocus

OpFocus developed by Spyderco Special Projects Coordinator Michael Janich.  I caught up with him at SHOT Show and he was very proud to have written the catalog.  He said it reflected the high quality and responsiveness of the brand.

From its text, “This “Operational Focus” is designed to highlight the mission-oriented tactical applications of our products and enable you to quickly and easily compare them to choose the knives that best meet your needs. The products featured in OpFocus were specifically chosen because of their relevance to this defined focus.”

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New Bust a Cap Strike Bezel for Surefire

Todd Summers, inventor of the Bust a Cap window breaker for batons and flashlights, has a new product that debuted at SHOT Show 2012.  He was kind enough to give us a short video.  It is a Bust a Cap crenellated bezel for Surefire flashlights.  He said it will fit four models:  P6, G2, Z2, and C2.

Bust a Cap products are already available for 15 different models of batons and lights made by ASP, Streamlight, and Maglite.  Because Surefire lights have a tail-cap activation button, standard Bust a Cap ends were not compatible.  Problem solved!

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